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Grassroots Movements Fund

The Grassroots Movements Fund is a new pilot programme at the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust. The fund supports grassroots movement groups working on transformative change.


Grassroots social movements play a vital role in challenging and addressing the inequalities and injustices within our society. The Grassroots Movements Fund gives grants to support grassroots movement groups working towards transformative change. We use a participatory grant-making process which means people involved in grassroots movements decide which applicants receive funding. Our current focus is to find applicants through doing our own outreach and inviting them to apply. Groups we haven’t approached directly can still let us know about their group by completing an enquiry form.

Who we are

The Grassroots Movements Fund is a new area of work at the grantmaking organisation 'The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust' and has been created to support the sustainability of movement work

The Fund

We need to put more power into the hands of those working to address inequality and injustice, and create new systems that put equity, justice and peace first.

Can I Apply?

We are not currently open for applications. Please sign up to our newsletter to be notified of future funding rounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

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